How much is the software?

All versions of the software are free!
The project is charitable and non-commercial.

Rating Excellent

Here you can find an Online-Preview of the program!


Which Version for my mobile?

If you do not know which version you shall download for your mobile phone, please refer to:

  • Compatible mobile phones: Java Mobile - on most mobiles!
  • Compatible mobile phones: Flash Lite
  • The Windows Mobile Version runs on PDA, Pocket PC and SmartPhone.


Why is first aid on your mobile phone useful?

  • You have never participated in a first aid course.
    If you have not attended a first aid course yet, this mobile software can perhaps arouse your interest. It is a good feeling to know how one has to act in a medical emergency. However, the software is neither a replacement for a first aid course nor should you rely on a software in an emergency situation! Please improve your medical abilities visiting a course as soon as possible.

  • Your first aid course took place a long time ago.
    The following case applies for a lot of people: Got the driving license in a young age, and passed a first aid course that time. Afterwards you have never heard of first aid measures again… The software can help to refresh your memory again.

  • You feel uncertain concerning first aid measures.
    The first aid software is no replacement for a first aid course, but if you read about the measures to be done it might give you a little more self-confidence.

Is the first aid information reliable?

The project originated in Berlin, Germany. Now, we have several thousands of users worldwide. A big part of them gave us valuable feedback which helped to optimize and to update the medical information.

The software can help everybody (children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, who have a lack of first aid knowledge). For instance, it could also be used by First Aid Course Providers, driving schools, travel organizations, and in social areas (nurse, school teacher, kindergarten teacher, university...). For commercial use however an agreement has to be made.

The vision of the project is that all mobile phone providers install the software as a standard on every new mobile phone.


How can I help the project?

Very simple: Distribute the software and the link to this website. The more we distribute, the higher the interest of the public, and the chance will be increased that there is someone who can help in an accident! For further information please refer to About the Project.

If you have an idea for the project, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Every idea is welcome!

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